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Welcome to PhConnect !

phConnect is an online collaboration tool built to support geographically dispersed professionals working in the field of public health.

Public Health Informatics

phConnect provides an environment for collaborative work, professional networking, and moving the field of public health informatics forward. By joining phConnect, you will be connected to passionate people engaged in shaping the future of public health informatics.

our team

Emelia D. Taulbee

Research Scientist

Hello! As a member of the phConnect, I have been working with a team of researchers globally to generate new strategies for healthcare.

Jayden Arek

Program Manager

Jayden Arek is the program lead for our connective events around the world that is shaping the way healthcare professionals communicate to share knowledge.

Ruby Muller

Senior Research Specialist

With an experience of over seven years in the team, Ruby has let many research projects around the world that are helping in providing better healthcare services to remote areas.

Practice, Research and Learning

Our online programs help healthcare experts connect to seminars that are leading the healthcare technology for the betterment of services and treatments globally. It is a learning platform for healthcare experts to communicate with each other and share their ideas for the overall healthcare betterment.

100% Online Programs

An open knowledge program for healthcare experts to learn the techniques that they lack in their field to become better every day. Our programs provide learning and sharing ideas with each other with the best solutions available today.

Public Health Informatics webinars are available!

Register today to cover all the important seminars taking place around the while from your laptop. Get an easy
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