CDC CSTE ELR Task Force and CDC Vocabulary Team have published the first version of RCMT in CDC Vocabulary Server (PHIN VADS).


Thanks to the public health community especially lab experts and epidemiologists for helping in the development of lab tests and results associated with reportable conditions. CDC vocabulary team will continue to review the RCMT associated with reportable conditions with public health community on Thursday's (noon to 1:30 p.m. Eastern).


CDC Vocabulary team will be using this discussion thread to post the custom download of RCMT that would be useful for senders and receivers of ELR data.  Please let us know your feedback, so that we will try to provide you the RCMT data that suits your needs.


(1) PDF File (link) - Provides navigation links to RCMT vocabulary present in VADS as well as the links to resources such as CDC.GOV website, CSTE position statement, SRCA website, recordings of RCMT discussion, etc..


(2) HTML Files (link) - Provides a nice interface to search, navigate the RCMT and the resources associated with reportable conditions. Please extract the zip file into a directory and click on "index.htm" file. This format would be useful for jurisdictions who wants to integrate these with their web sites.


(3) Entire Download of RCMT - Excel version (link)  - Updated on 07/28/2011: Implementers can import the entire data into their database or LIS system.   Previous version posted on 07/07/2011 had few incorrect code system names (but the code system OID's were correct). PHIN VADS data did not have any errors. Only the entire download file had the incorrect code system names.

This spreadsheet has the following tabs:

    (3a) Conditions Tab - List of all the reportable conditions

    (3b) Conditions to Value Set Relationship - Provides relationship between reportable condition and the value set (lab test/ result).

   (3c) Conditions to Concepts relationship -  Provides relationship between reportable condition and the value set concepts (LOINC / SNOMED). The data in this tab would be useful for receivers of ELR data to route and filter the incoming ELR messages.

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