NDEP Resources from the African American African Ancestry Stakeholder Group

NDEP offers a wide variety of materials on diabetes prevention and control for people with diabetes, their families, health care providers and community-based organizations. The AAAA Stakeholder Group has developed resources and materials for African Americans with and at-risk for diabetes. You can learn more about downloading or requesting these materials by clicking the titles.


Choose More than 50 Ways to Prevent Diabetes

This tip sheet helps African Americans at risk for type 2 diabetes move more and eat less to lower their risk.


New Beginnings Discussion Guide

New Beginnings was developed to help diabetes educators and support group leaders lead discussions about the emotional side of living with diabetes. It is focused on helping people with diabetes and their families identify social support needs and develop goal setting, positive coping and problem solving skills. It uses the stories of people who have diabetes to facilitate discussions about learning to manage the emotional ups and downs that come with living with diabetes.


Free copies of The Debilitator movie are available now for a limited time. Contact Alexis Williams at awilliams15@cdc.gov for more information.



The Road to Health Toolkit

This tool kit provides materials to start a community outreach program reinforcing the message that type 2 diabetes can be delayed or prevented. It provides resources to teach participants strategies for making healthier food choices and being more active, using culturally appropriate stories and examples.


The Road to Health Training Guide

The Road to Health Training Guide is designed for people who develop or offer training workshops and for community health workers about how to use the Road to Health Toolkit. Other health care professionals, diabetes educators, health educators, nurses, dietitians, and community educators can also be trained to use the toolkit. Click here for more information about implementing the Road to Health Toolkit.


The Road to Health Training Video is designed for "train-the-trainer" workshops for people who will provide training to others about how to use the Toolkit.


The Road to Health Evaluation Guide

The Road to Health Toolkit Evaluation Guide was created to help community health workers (CHWs), diabetes educators and health educators in their evaluation efforts and for those who want to know (1) how the Road to Health Toolkit is making a difference in the lives of their participants who are at risk for type 2 diabetes, and (2) how well they have conducted their own educational activities while using the Road to Health Toolkit.


Step-by-Step CD

This music CD inspires people to incorporate more physical activity into their lives. It features three original songs with empowering messages that urge listeners to move more. Three songs from the popular Movimiento por su vida CD also are included. Visit the Road to Health website and click the "CDs and DVD's" tab for more information.


Watch the music video of the song "Every Day is a New Beginning" from the Step by Step CD.


All NDEP resources are copyright free and most are available at no charge. If you have questions about these materials, please use the comment box below or contact Alexis Williams at awilliams15@cdc.gov.


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