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How to join phConnect
From the home page of phConnect, click the "Join Now" button. Complete the profile and submit. Profiles are reviewed to protect members from SPAM and unwanted e-mails. In about 24 hours you should receive approval to join the site.

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How to Join the NDEP Partnership Network Page
To join the discussion or post comments here you need to join this community. If you are not already a member of phConnect, follow the directions above. Once you have been approved, you can join this community by clicking the "Join" button on the top right corner of the main page.

Community Discussions and Documents
This section is where you can start discussions, share resources, and ask questions. Other members of the site can reply to your post here. You can also follow the discussion. You can set your preferences for how you would like to recieve email notifications from phConnect from the My Settings link under "My Page". Click here for more information about adjusting your settings.

Working in Communities Video

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What can I post?
Post examples of how you have used NDEP resources, questions about how others are using NDEP resources, or start a discussion about promising practices in promoting, implementing and evaluating diabetes programs. You can add pictures, video, audio, documents and links to your posts.

Tip: Tag your post with keywords to make it easier for other to find information. You will have the option to add tags when you create a post.


Comment Wall
Post brief announcements on the comment wall. If you would like responses to your announcements, please post them in the Community Discussions and Documents section.


Suggestions for the site?
Let us know if you have suggestions for resources that would be helpful to have on the site. Email your suggestions to Alexis Williams at


Invite others to join
Do you think your partners or colleagues would benefit from participating in this site? Invite them to join. Click the “invite more” link on the home page to send an invitation. People you invite will be able to view the site. They will have to join phConnect and then join this community to post here.

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