I decided to start a new threat for the method codes table work - otherwise it just becomes buried in the mass of discussions about the specimen crossmapping table.

To re-introduce the project:

The Observation segment (OBX) has a separate field for method detail (OBX-17) that is usign the CWE datatype for communication.

At this point a lot of laboratories do NOT keep the information about the method used for testing in a separate field in their LIMS, though for PHLIP that was agreed to be a future goal.

The reasoning was to support more granularity in methods than what is currently included in the LOINC. This could even be at the same high level of method, as LOINCs can be methodless.

There are currently 2 code systems that could be useful for this filed - HL7 v3observation method and a subset from the procedure hierarchy in SNOMED CT, neither of which seems to be covering all terms needed.

The table lists the method (please check to see, if we have the right ones - add missing or point out methods we should not include here), the suggested SNOMED code (or more than one in some instances) as well as the assigned v3 code, if applicable.

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Paul started reviewing the procedure hierarchy in SNOMED for Agglutination procedures - here is his current version



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