Hi, I am using Epi Info 3.5.3 and I am having trouble creating reports directly from data analysis programs.  I can create the lists, tables, graphs, etc. in Analyze Data, but I can not get them to translate to generate reports without having to create an output file first and then go into Create Reports and generate a report that way.  If I try to create a report it asks me to select a predefined report format or create a new one.  If I use the predefined, it will show all data that has been selected for the predefined report rather than the selected data from my data analysis.  I want to be able to generate a report directly from Analyze Data.

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Analysis automatically generates an output file for you that Epi Report can use. You need to open Epi Report, create a new template, and then bring in the Analysis output file that contains your data. After you save the template, you can call the template directly from within Analysis using the REPORT command. (The REPORT command is used to display an existing Epi Report template.)


If you want to run the report more than once, you should use the ROUTEOUT command to specify the name of the output file that will contain your analysis results. This way, each time you run your analysis, the report will show the most up-to-date information.


I would highly suggest reading the Epi Report help file topics in the help documentation as they cover how to use it in good detail. There is also an Epi Report lesson in the EIHA tutorial. See lesson 10 at http://wwwn.cdc.gov/epiinfo/script/eihat.aspx.

Thank you for the reply.  I have read the tutorial, followed your instructions and I am still having problems.  When I create a template from an output file, I create a report based on the data in the file.  If I save the template and then try to use an updated data analysis in that template, it shows only the output file that was used to create the template and not the updated data.  The ROUTEOUT command creates a .bak file which is not useable by Epi Report.  What am I missing?

Note that in order to see the updated output, you need to generate the report - opening the report template in Epi Report will show incorrect output initially.


ROUTEOUT shouldn't be creating BAK files. It should tell Analysis that when commands are run, any output-generating commands following the ROUTEOUT will go into the named HTM file and an XML file. Note that using READ or CLOSEOUT will both close the routing process, so don't use a ROUTEOUT right before a READ.


Out of curiosity, what version of Internet Explorer do you have on this system and what operating system are you using?

I have IE8 on Windows 7. 


I have the analysis program written so READ is the first thing an ROUTEOUT is one of the last commands. 


Not sure if this will help, but here is how I have one of my simplest analysis programs set up:


READ 'C:\Epi_Info\view’


DEFINE Variable

IF Criteria THEN






SELECT Variable="Y"









The ROUTEOUT command should appear right after the READ command. Anything after the ROUTEOUT is routed out to the named file.


Let me know if this solves the problem.

Bingo.  This worked.  Always something simple that gets overlooked.  Thank you.

Hi Tim,

Epi Report can be challenging and frustrating. If any file name or directory path of your Analysis output files (.xml and .mdb) are different after you have created the Epi Report templates (.ept and .epx), then the result may be what you are experiencing.  The problem is because data source file paths are hard coded into the .ept and .epx files.

Try this:

1. Make a backup copy of the .ept and .epx files

2. Close Epi Report if it is open.

3. (a) Use Windows Notepad to open the .ept and .epx files

    (b) Search for ".xml" and ".mdb"

    (c) If the file paths are not the same as your current Analysis output file, then replace ALL occurrences with the absolute paths of the current .xml and .mdb output files.

    (d) Save the edited .ept and .epx files

4. Open Epi Report and verify that all data are from the current output files (.xml and .mdb)


Hope this helps.

Roy Ing



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