How to insert a particular existing View/Table into another MDB project without retyping?

Hello all.


Can someone tell me if there is some way of inserting an existing table or view in another MDB project? Let me explain what I mean: I am creating Hospital Database of my department which will include several views/tables, ex: maternity database, OPD database, surgery database, etc. Now on this list of views, I would like to add an already existing view, which I was previously using as a separate MDB project. The view was called Maternal mortality notification view. My question is to know whether there is a way of adding that view on the others above instead of retyping the same. I don't even want to use the "copy view" option as this rename "field names" by adding an "1", giving you extra work to do to correct them. So, is anyone has a workaround on this issue?



Dr J K Mathe

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Hi Dr. Mathe.

Epi Info's ENTER "Copy View" will make a copy of the view table without adding "1" to the table name. When it shows the new table name with "1" at the end , it means the destination mdb database already has a table with that name.

To delete the table in the destination mdb so you can use Copy View to create a new table with that name, use Epi Info's MENU Utility "Visualize Data" or VisData.  Here are the instructions from Epi Info 3.5.1/3.5.3 Help:

Delete a View

To delete a view, take the following steps:

1.      From the Epi Info main menu, select Utilities>Visualize Data. The VisData application main page opens.

2.      Select File>Open Epi Info Project or File>Open Other Database. The Open File dialog box opens.

3.      Locate and select the file to open.

4.      Click Open. The Database Window opens with the following options: Properties, Tables, or Queries.

5.      Double click Tables or click the plus sign to expand the menu.

6.      Locate the View file from the list.

7.      Right click the file. A pop up opens.

8.      Select Delete. The View is deleted.

Note: If the data table is deleted, any entered data associated with the view is deleted from the project. Be absolutely sure that records are not needed before accepting the warning.

  Here is a screenshot:
























Alternatively, you can use Microsoft Access (2000 or later) to delete and import tables in mdb databases.


Hope this helps,

Roy Ing


Thanks very much, Roy, for the reply.

I use that function when I want to delete tables or views I don't want.

However, I wish there was a contextual menue where by you could just "Paste" a new table/view into the list of the available tables/views, not only delete. That is actually what I was looking for. May this be included in a wishlist for future EpiInfo version? Hopefully!

Thanks again. Meanwhile, I will use the Copy function.

God bless

Dr J K Mathe

Dear Roy,

below is the help that I got from the Helpdesk, and it worked perfectly just as I wanted it. This is what the helpdesk wrote, I quote:

"In this case, you should use Microsoft Access to copy the view table you want from the original MDB to this new MDB.  ‘Copy Views’ tends to be messy and I would avoid that if possible.  Access is much quicker and will make sure it comes out exactly as you want".

I thank them for this new knowledge I just got.


Dr J K Mathe


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