Downloading and getting to work in Epi Info 7 is very simple. First, point your web browser to Second, pick either the "zip" or "setup" file from the upper-right corner of the page under the "Download Links" section. In a few moments you will be prompted to either open or save the file.

You might be asking: "Which download is right for me?" Before going further, let's explore the difference between the two options.

The ZIP file: The ZIP file can be downloaded and run on almost any Windows computer without requiring administrator rights, elevated privileges, or your IT department's intervention. It can be extracted to and run from any folder that you have read/write/execute privileges on (including thumb drives). For these reasons, it's ideal for scenarios where you are collecting data in a disconnected fashion, you're heading to a disaster area and aren't sure if you'll have any infrastructure, or need to get to work quickly without needing to wait on IT staff.

The setup file: The setup file is a traditional setup executable. You simply need to run it, and Epi Info 7 will install automatically to your computer and create all of the necessary shortcuts. It allows network administrators to centrally manage and push Epi Info 7, including updates and patches, to users using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. It ensures that the machine's configuration matches the minimum requirements of the software. It also pre-compiles and registers Epi Info 7 components on the machine which causes certain components to run faster. However, it requires administrative or elevated privileges during installation. For these reasons, it is recommended for centrally managed IT environments.

Setting up Epi Info 7 from a ZIP download

After navigating to and clicking on the "zip" download option, follow the steps below to get started with Epi Info 7. Note that these steps have been written for the Windows 7 operating system.

  1. Select open or run when prompted by the web browser
  2. When the file has finished downloading, Windows 7 should display the contents of the archive as if it is a normal folder. "Epi Info 7" will be the only item listed.

  3. Double-click on the Epi Info 7 folder. Now, two additional items are listed: "Epi Info 7" and "Launch Epi Info".

  4. Select the contents of this folder and drag them to the computer's desktop.

  5. Double-click on the Launch Epi Info icon that appears after completing step 3. Epi Info 7 launches.

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Is anyone else having problems with the download links?  I keep getting directed to an "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" screen.



Can you try downloading it directly from this link:

Does that process work any better?

No.  I still am directed to the same page.  I also tried a different browser (Google Chrome) and it didn't work there either.



We've had a small number of reports regarding the download issues, but it seems most are able to connect to our FTP server successfully. I'll pass along the issue to see what our IT department can do about it. I apologize for the inconvenience.


I downloaded the Setup file and executed the setup. Previosuly I have Epiinfo 3.5.3 with Epi7 Preview version installed as well (in the C:/EpiInfo directory).

I cannot seem to figure out how to start the just installed EpiInfo7 version. Nor could I figure out where the latest version has been installed. The start menu Item in EpiInfo starts up the 3.5.3 version only.


Help would be appreciated




Edit: Just realized that there is a new start menu Item CDC and that has the start Epi Ifno 7 Option.

Figured out how to integrate a menu item for starting Epi 7 from Epi 3.5.3 menu ;-)

Edited the EpiInfo.mnu file in C:/Epi_Info directory


added the following lines

Line in the POPUP "&Help" section:         

MENUITEM "Epi Info 7  Ver.Oct11", EI7Oct11


Lines just before *End of Menu

    Execute "C:\Program Files\CDC\Epi Info 7\EpiInfo.exe"


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