I have a View (currently with data in it) that I would like to copy and perhaps make changes to. I want the copy to have an empty data table. I have tried the "Copy View" command as well as the "Delete Data Table" option (in Tools menu).
Neither option works. Here are the errors I get:

Using the "Delete Data Table" option --
- Delete data table
- Click to close the view and click okay to create a new, empty data table
- Error box appears with this message:
Type of problem -> 3343: Unrecognizable database format 'C:\...[lists my file name/path]'.
Environment -> Appendfield, View

- I press "Try Again" and the error message changes to:
Type of problem -> 3010: Table already exists.
Environment -> Appendfield, View

- If I instead press "Bypass" I get:
Type of problem -> 3265: Item not found in this collection.
Environment -> Appendfield, View

- Pressing Bypass again gives:
Type of problem -> 3409: Invalid field definition 'UniqueKey' in definition of index or relationship.
Envirnment -> Appenfield, View

- Pressing Bypass yet again gives the original error massage about the file being unrecognizable.

Using the "Copy View" option:
- I can successfully copy the view, but when I go to enter data, I get:
Type of problem -> 9: Script out of range
Environemnt -> Opendbtable, EnterUI
Try again doe snothing. Bypass gives:
Type of problem -> 91: Object variable or With block variable not set
Environment -> Opendbtable, EnterUI

I have to close the program to escape the error boxes.

Aside form this, the data entry for this view has been without glitches.

Thank you!
Michelle M.

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What our users find works best for copying a View is to copy the MDB file that contains the View. Once you've done this, you can open the copied MDB file, then open the View inside in the MakeView module, and finally use the 'Delete Data Table' option.

Now, I see above that you have had problems trying to delete the data table. Did you try deleting the data table after using the Copy View feature? Or was this prior to using Copy View? If it was the former, then copying the MDB file (as I mentioned above) should do the trick for you.

Also, how many questions (fields) do you have in this View? Have you ever modified a field, deleted a field, or copied/pasted fields in this View?

Thank you for your quick reply.

The trouble that I reported using the "Delete Data Table" option is not after I use the "Copy View" option. It is happening after I copy the MDB file (outside of EpiInfo) and then open the new file and try to delete the data table.

I have about 285 fields, including labels, mirrors, and normal data entry fields. I have modified fields in this view (e.g. changing from numeric to text or from open text to text using Comment Legal or Legal Values, or even adjusting the list of legal codes or values). I have copied/pasted fields. I am sure I have also deleted fields, because I find that if I want to change the Filed Name I have to delete and recreate the field (I cannot just edit the Field Name once it has been saved).

- Michelle

Epi Info Views become highly unstable when the field count exceeds 200. (Note that mirror fields, grids, labels, command buttons, and relate buttons do not contribute towards this total.) Once the 200 limit has been reached, and you have a data table for the View, certain actions cause corruption: Modifying a field's Field Type, deleting a field, and copying/pasting fields. Additionally, when deleting a field, the data column for that field doesn't go away. This means that you could be seeing 198 fields in your View but in actuality have many more hidden fields that end up pushing you over the limit. Modifying a field's type also causes hidden data fields to be created.

These same actions - e.g. deletion of a field - can also cause corruption issues when the field count is less than 200, but the chances of it happening are lower than if the field count is over 200.

The only safe way to modify a View is to delete the data table prior to making changes. You can delete fields and change field types as much as you want if there isn't a data table present and there is no risk of corruption. Also, when there is no data table for a View, MakeView allows you to change field names. Note that copying/pasting legal values can still cause serious problems even if you don't have a data table, and should be avoided if at all possible.

Our typical method of working around corruption issues is to have the user delete their data table in MakeView and then re-create it. This process almost always removes the corruption, but in rare cases it has been known not to work. In these cases, the View is corrupted and usually must be re-created. It sounds like that may be the problem in your case.

If you feel confident in this View's ability to correctly capture data (that is, it's not accidently truncating data or doing something it shouldn't due to these corruption problems), then you can use one other method: Deleting all of the records in the data table. Simply open the View in Analysis and click on Delete Records from the sidebar. Select the 'Permanent Deletion' option and then type a * into the 'Records Affected' box. This will tell Analysis to permanently remove all records associated with the View. The data table will still exist, but will have a record count of zero.

If you do decide to start rebuilding your View from the ground-up, please follow the advice below:
- Always do Tools > Delete Data Table in MakeView before modifying your View
- Don't exeed 200 fields in a single View. If you need more than 200 questions, use related Views
- Don't copy/paste drop-down lists, code tables or comment legal fields under any circumstances
- Don't delete fields or change a field's type while your View has a data table

I hope this helps. Let me know if the record deletion process through Analysis provides an adequate solution to your problem.



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