Hello all,

    I created a view and must change a number variable to a code legal with a drop down menu.  I have 8 subjects already in.  Of course, epiinfo warns me that data may not be compatible.

    I copied the view, recreated all the drop-down menus but now I get 2 error messages:  9 : indice en dehors de la plage, and 91: variable objet ou variable bloc With non définie.  The error keeps coming back so that the new copy is unusable.  Is this fixable???

    What did I do wrong, what can I do to fix it, and should I just keep working on the first version?

Thank you so much


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Hi Ghislaine. This forum post from 2009 (Epi Info 3.5.1) describes a problem similar to the one you are encountering:


The error numbers and messages are Visual Basic Run-time errors ("issues" with the Epi info 3 software)




Without seeing the original and new mdb files, it is difficult to say whether the problem is fixable.


Hope this helps,
Roy Ing


Copy View can sometimes lead to corruption of the main data table. That is what seems to be happening. To solve the issue you may try to delete the data table and re-enter the 8 records you already entered as they will be lost (hope you still at 8). To delete the Data  table, God to Tools --> Delete Table. Alternatively, delete the field and replace it by another one, but this time use a different "Fieldname". Id for example the filed name was "nommalade" chnage it to "nommalade2".


Dr Mathe


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