Just noticed that a new "Stable" release version of Epi Info 7 ( is available for download at the "Epi Info -- Community Edition" site) :


Perhaps Epi Info Helpdesk can provide more information about whether users should download this new version or wait until it is posted at the official Epi Info download site:


Have a nice day!

Roy Ing

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Yes. I got the message.

But after downloading, I found that this release is currently only in the .zip format, at least by the time I downloaded it two days ago. The .msi format is still the same build 7.0.8. I got confirmation from HelpDesk that they are still working on the .msi format.

I would love to see the version also mentioned on the download page. It helps to know which version is to download. 


Dr Mathe



Version is now available for download in both MSI and ZIP format at www.cdc.gov/epiinfo.


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