I am trying to write codes for my questionnaire.  I have 4 regions on one side and numbers 1000-1099  for regions one, etc for each region.  Each numeral in-between is possible.  I would like not to enter each possibility to code.  Do I have any alternative?

Thank you very much,

Ghislaine Gagnon

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Hi Ghislaine,

If you have Microsoft Excel and Access, you can use Excel to create the numbers, and then use Access to paste the numbers into the "code" table in Epi Info 3 mdb file.

Step 1. In Excel, set the cell formula as: =ROW() + 1000

            Copy this formula to the first 99 rows (see attached screenshot) to create the set of numbers.

            Select these rows and select "Copy" (to Windows clipboard).

Step 2. In Access, open the Epi Info mdb "code" table, then right click the row selector ">" to bring up the menu to paste rows (see screenshots)

Repeat this process for the other regions, e.g. Excel formula: =ROW() + 2000


Have a nice day!

Roy Ing


Correction: For numbers 1000-1099, the Excel formula should be: =ROW() + 999

and copy that for 100 rows.


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