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Epi Info™ 7 Quick Start Guide

The following guide is intended to help users get started using Epi Info 7.   Epi Info 7 Quick Start Guide (rev 22)

Started by Epi Info HelpdeskLatest Reply

Epi Info training materials in Arabic

This training material was created by:       Ahmad Mohammad al-Hasood Observer Ministry of Health/Ninawa HealthDepartment Forensic Medicin…

Started by Ahmed M. Al-HasoodLatest Reply

Epi Info™ 3 Best Practices Guide

This guide is intended to help users avoid common pitfalls when using Epi Info™ 3.5.1.Epi Info™ 3.5.1 Best Practices Guide Click to read

Started by Epi Info HelpdeskLatest Reply

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Best field type for surveys with likert scale questions

Hi Just wondered what field type people are using if they have a set of questions using likert scales?  I am making a database for a survey…

Started by Christine Roseveare

1 3 hours ago
Reply by Roy Ing

Shortcut to enter.exe EPI 7

Can someone help me with a script shortcut to open a  form in "enter.exe": "C:\Arquivos de programas\CDC\Epi Info 7\Enter.exe"   C:\Docume…

Started by Gabriel Roberto Cordoni

1 on Wednesday
Reply by David Nitschke

Error Open .xls

Trere is a error when try open .xls files. Can someone help me. Tks

Started by Gabriel Roberto Cordoni

5 on Wednesday
Reply by Gabriel Roberto Cordoni

Epi Info 7 and Data Integration (Presentation by Roger Mir, 2014)

Public Health Informatics Conference (April 2014) Epi Info 7 and Data Integration CDC Global Health Security (GHS) Demo Project (2013) in…

Started by Roy Ing

0 on Monday

Does companion for Android support "relate"

Thanks so much for advice so far. One more question, please: is it possible that Epi Info companion for Android does not support "relate"?…

Started by Miranda V

4 May 19
Reply by José J. Aponte

EpiInfo question and Chi Square (Mantel-Haenszel) correction

Hello Group:   I have a general question about entering data into Epi Info and using interpreting the Mantel Haenszel correction as I am ne…

Started by Daryn K. Norwood

3 May 18
Reply by Roy Ing

Syncing desktop EpiInfo with the cloud of azure

How do I synchronize the desktop form with the cloud? I can only synchronize the android, but would like to synchronize your computer also

Started by Priscilla Costa Ciodaro de Souza

1 May 18
Reply by Harold "Hal" Collins

EpiInfo 7 - Error messages and solutions

Does anyone know where I can find a list of the error messages for EpiInfo 7, what they mean, and (preferably) what to do to resolve them?

Started by Ellen Babb

1 May 14
Reply by José J. Aponte

Problems with the 'Get Coordinates' button

Hi everyone, Has anyone run into problems using the 'Get Coordinates' button? I have a database saved to a shared network and we are findi…

Started by Gregory Kujbida

1 May 14
Reply by José J. Aponte

Epi Info Companion for Android: Syncing data from multiple tablets

Hi everyone, I am using Epi Info for Android on about 10 tablets for data collection. As the community I am working with is very concerned…

Started by Erica

3 May 12
Reply by Erica


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