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Epi Info™ 7 Quick Start Guide

The following guide is intended to help users get started using Epi Info 7.   Epi Info 7 Quick Start Guide (rev 22)

Started by Epi Info HelpdeskLatest Reply

Epi Info training materials in Arabic

This training material was created by:       Ahmad Mohammad al-Hasood Observer Ministry of Health/Ninawa HealthDepartment Forensic Medicin…

Started by Ahmed M. Al-HasoodLatest Reply

Epi Info™ 3 Best Practices Guide

This guide is intended to help users avoid common pitfalls when using Epi Info™ 3.5.1.Epi Info™ 3.5.1 Best Practices Guide Click to read

Started by Epi Info HelpdeskLatest Reply

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Unable to View Records

Hi everyone, For some reason I'm not able to view any records past #2,022 in my database. When I click 'Next Record' it just continually r…

Started by Gregory Kujbida

2 on Tuesday
Reply by Gregory Kujbida

Setting up a satellige database

I have a project using MS Sql as a database and I want to set up a satellite server using MS Access (in an offline mode).  How can I impor…

Started by Adam Preston

1 Aug 18
Reply by Adam Preston

Epi Info For Android Check Code

I've started to use Epi Info for Android for data collection. In my forms I have a few questions that I'd like to make required. Unfortunat…

Started by Josh

2 Aug 12
Reply by Josh

Date Formats and Alphanumeric Fields

I have two questions:   1. The version of Epi Info 7 that I'm using ( does not allow the user to specify a date format when creatin…

Started by Julia Paul

1 Aug 6
Reply by David Nitschke

Starting Epi Info 7 Enter with a particular project and form

I would like to be able to have a one-click icon to start Enter with a particular Project and Form. This will simplify the procedure for st…

Started by Peter St. Marie

11 Aug 6
Reply by Kai Breker

How to connect to the same database from different computers through Epi Info 7

Hi all! I recently created an Epi Info 7 project. To store data, I created a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Database in computer "A". I have ano…

Started by Fernando Hillermann

2 Aug 3
Reply by Fernando Hillermann

Reports in EPIInfo 3.5.1

Hi, When I go thru the tutorial for Reports and I add a label, there is no borders for the labels. Also, i am not able to move the lable by…

Started by Sekar srinivasan

2 Jul 29
Reply by Ronnie D Domingo

Toggle Statistics off and on in visual dashboard

I have managed to toggle the statistics (Odds Ratio etc) off for 2x2 tables (crosstab) in visual dashboard.  For the life of me, I can't fi…

Started by C. Jon Hinkle

5 Jul 21
Reply by Christine Roseveare

Error Open .xls

Trere is a error when try open .xls files. Can someone help me. Tks

Started by Gabriel Roberto Cordoni

9 Jul 20
Reply by Gabriel Roberto Cordoni

Recoding negative numbers

I have negative numbers in my database, I tried to group them with positive numbers to put them into the same category using the "recode" c…

Started by Carmon Greene

6 Jul 16
Reply by José J. Aponte


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